Destiny 2 Best Linear Fusion Rifles For PVE

Linear fusion rifles in Destiny 2 are a unique bunch. There are some that are found in the heavy weapon category, and some that take Special ammo and are found in either the kinetic or energy weapon slot.

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Linears are a great tool for precision damage when it comes to boss DPS in Destiny 2’s PVE side of gameplay. That said, there aren’t that many linear fusion rifles to choose from, so players need to be aware of where these weapons excel the most.

Updated on October 28, 2022, by Anastasia Maillot: Linear fusion rifles are showing no immediate signs of dropping from the top of Destiny 2’s damage meta. Season 18 still largely favors linear fusion rifles as boss damage, though rocket launchers remain good options in some niche scenarios. Moreover, the introduction of a new Void linear fusion rifle that’s actually available in the game more readily than Threaded Needle has given players more options for each subclass build. There are, however, a few nerfs on the horizon as well for some Exotic pieces, and a few Legendary picks have fallen lower and somewhat out of favor. Here are Destiny 2’s best linear fusion rifles as of season 18.


8/8 Lorentz Driver

The Lorentz Driver was introduced in season 15’s season pass as an Exotic reward. Like most past Exotics, it can be bought from the archives and it’s one of the most important weapons from the Beyond Light era due to its oppressive role in PVP.

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However, due to Bungie’s recent decision to once more nerf Lorentz Driver in PVP, it’s likely that in the future this linear fusion rifle will solely see use in PVE, and that’s only if players have its catalyst that pulls targets more reliably together for a Void explosion or an EM anomaly. In that sense, it’s a fantastic tool for ad-clearing.

As of season 18, Lorentz is facing nerfs in season 19 due to its prevalence in PVP, so it’s likely this weapon will drop out of the list soon, though it remains to be seen how these balance changes will affect Lorentz’s standing in PVE.

7/8 Sleeper Simulant

A classic Exotic linear fusion rifle, Sleeper Simulant saw a peak in its use during season 15 and has since dipped in popularity due to the prevalence of rocket launchers and better, more nimble Legendary linear fusion rifles.

That said, the Sleeper is still a solid Exotic choice for every self-respecting Destiny 2 PVE player, so getting this from the Exotic kiosk should be one of the top priorities of a player that still hasn’t unlocked all Exotics. Sleeper Simulant is fantastic for precision boss damage but careful with its reflective shot that can bounce around and ruin some DPS phases like Riven’s.

6/8 Sailspy Pitchglass

Newly introduced in season 18 as part of the Season of the Plunder weapons is Sailspy Pitchglass, which is a budget option for players looking for an Arc linear fusion rifle. Players can craft it as well, which makes it open to Enhanced perks, once enough Patterns have been unlocked. Seasonal activities and Umbral focusing at the Star Chart are the best ways to earn red-border versions of it.

The issue with Sailspy Pitchglass compared to some of the high-damage linears on this list is its lackluster perk pool. In the first column, Clown Cartridge is really the only desirable one for PVE, but the second column has either Vorpal Weapon or Focused Fury, with Focused Fury providing a greater damage boost than Vorpal Weapon. It’s a pretty nice budget Arc option for Arc burn activities, however, which is why it deserves a spot on the list.

5/8 Reed’s Regret

First seen in season 15, Reed’s Regret is a Stasis linear fusion rifle. Not just that, it’s a Legendary linear which can roll with some interesting perks that make it one of the three best damage linear fusion rifles in Destiny 2.

Look for Vorpal Weapon for a 10% damage boost against bosses, or Firing Line which will grant a 20% damage boost so long as allies are standing nearby (which is often the case with DPS phases in the game). The first perk column is mostly a question of preference. To get this weapon, players need to try their hand at Trials of Osiris, which runs on most weekends.

Note that Reed’s Regret is leaving the Trials of Osiris weapon rotation and that players wanting to get their hands on a godroll should focus on grinding this weapon out in season 18.

4/8 Arbalest

This Exotic kinetic linear fusion rifle is unlike any other linear on this list. First of all, Arbalest isn’t exactly a boss DPS linear fusion rifle. It actually excels in other tasks, which makes it a valuable tool in endgame PVP, whether players are doing raids, Grandmaster Nightfalls, or solo Lost Sectors.

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Arbalest’s intrinsic perk allows it to break Barrier Champion shields, which means players will save one artifact mod slot by equipping it. Moreover, Arbalest can quickly kill off any elemental shields that would otherwise require players to use the matching element to break it. What more can players ask from the perfect endgame PVP weapon? To get it, find it at the Exotic kiosk and buy it as soon as possible, as even with its nerf, it continues to be a powerhouse.

Arbalest is also facing balance changes in the upcoming season 19 of Destiny 2, which may also affect its prevalence in PVE. Following the buff that a few bows received, it’s likely Bungie will push other Exotics to take Arbalest’s place in the future.

3/8 Taipan-4FR

Coming to replace Threaded Needle on this list is Taipan-4FR, a new craftable Void linear fusion rifle that was introduced in season 18 of Destiny 2. Taipan-4FR is a common world drop from Legendary engrams, which makes it highly accessible for all players, though those who have The Witch Queen expansion will be able to unlock its Pattern through the Foundry Shaping quest.

Taipan-4FR comes with incredible perks, which can be Enhanced since it’s craftable. The ideal Taipan will always have Firing Line in the second column, while the first column can carry either Clown Cartridge or Triple Tap, with a slight preference for Triple Tap. For Void builds and activities with Void burn, Taipan-4FR performs wonderfully and is in the same power category as Stormchaser and Cataclysmic.

2/8 Stormchaser

The newest addition to the collection of linear fusions is the one earned from the Duality dungeon that came out with season 17. Stormchaser is the brand-new DPS option as of season 17 and is an Arc linear which cannot be crafted by players. However, following a minor adjustment, Stormchaser falls slightly short when it comes to pure damage compared to Cataclysmic. It performs well in activities with Arc burn.

Look for Clown Cartridge, with either Vorpal Weapon or Firing Line, with Firing Line being slightly more preferable due to its 20% damage increase versus the 10% damage increase from Vorpal Weapon. This linear is ideal for bosses that require precision damage like Consecrated Mind, and less ideal for bosses that need quick burst damage like Atraks.

1/8 Cataclysmic

Cataclysmic was first introduced in season 16 and The Witch Queen expansion. It’s one of the weapons that drop during the Vow of the Disciple raid, and can also be crafted. Following the major buff to Bait and Switch, it quickly became the number-one choice for damage.

Cataclysmic is a Solar linear found in the heavy weapon slot. Players should look to craft it or earn its Adept version from the Master version of the raid, and grind for perks like Clown Cartridge and No Distractions or Fourth Time’s The Charm and Bait and Switch. Currently, it has the capacity to deal far more damage than Stormchaser following the nerfs that the Arc linear fusion rifle suffered. Pair Cataclysmic with Solar Font of Might and it’s easily the best linear fusion rifle in Destiny 2 right now.

Destiny 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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