Almonds, now known around the world as a storehouse of nutrients, have been used medicinally in the Middle East for thousands of years.
Almond belongs to the Rosacea family, which was later introduced to our neighboring countries such as India and Pakistan. Almonds, as well as milk and oil, have dietary and medicinal value.

Almonds are rich in vitamins, rich in E B varieties and K. It is also rich in iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc, fiber, folate, protein and antioxidant properties. It plays a vital role in protecting the skin of children as well as adults. Almond controls skin diseases and brightens the skin by preventing acne scars, wrinkles and roughness. Eliminates sunburn. Management Skin Delays aging. Adults also achieve a youthful appearance and keep baby skin supple. Therefore, it is also used in many baby and beauty products. It is said that almond seeds can be soaked overnight in milk, ground into a paste and left on for 20 minutes.

Almonds, which are rich in vitamin E, are also good for the eyes. Massage with almond oil to remove dark circles under the eyes. Soak almonds in milk and rub them around the eyes for two to three minutes, then rinse for 10 minutes to remove dark circles and brighten the eyes.

In 2014, the American Heart Association showed that almonds, along with their antioxidant properties, reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. Recent Western research has shown that eating 1/3 cup of almonds daily can reduce the risk of heart disease. A friend of the heart, wild almonds have the ability to thicken blood vessels. It helps maintain good blood circulation and controls cholesterol levels.

It contains calcium and K E vitamins which strengthen the bones and teeth of the body and keep it healthy. Delays bone loss and prevents diseases such as osteoporosis. It also strengthens nails and promotes hair growth.

Almonds can also help control blood sugar. It is low in calories and helps you lose weight. It is said that sugar can be controlled by eating 2 ounces of almonds a day.
Research in 015 also revealed the anti-cancer properties of almonds. So eating it can reduce the risk of cancer. Almonds are good for the nervous system and boost the brain. It develops memory. Almond seeds can be soaked for 20 to 30 nights, peeled, washed and blended with a glass of water to make almond milk.

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